Disaster Recovery tests are the bane of my existence. So stressed. (No lectures on why they are necessary, please. I know that.)

Just hanging out at Nginx HQ in San Francisco, like I do.

The great gnu screen to tmux migration of 2019 is going....slow. I've almost got my status bar and key bindings how I want them. I'm currently trying to wrap my brain around panes and windows and layouts. Final step will be to set up a configuration for my remote hosts and auto attach on connect. Truly geeky and fun stuff!

I am sad to see that has been deprecated in 8. I understand the reasoning (which are not insignificant), but am not looking forward to rewriting my rad ~/.screenrc for . I remember giggling at crusty *NIX users who refused to use vim instead of vi. Guess it's my turn to be dragged into modern software. 😜