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Hey people new to Mastodon!

Did you know that Mastodon is part of a wider network called the Fediverse?

These (and more) are on the Fediverse too:

PixelFed - an Instagram alternative (pixelfed.org)

PeerTube - a YouTube alternative (joinpeertube.org)

WriteFreely - a blogging platform like Medium (writefreely.org)

Lemmy - a Reddit alternative (join.lemmy.ml)

You can follow Fediverse accounts from Mastodon, because Fediverse platforms talk to each other.

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I find it amusing that one of the arguments for #rust in the #linux kernel is that a modern language will increase the developer pool.

There have to be like ... three or four orders of magnitude more #C developers than rust developers out there.

I mean, I understand what they're saying, and I don't entirely disagree, but it sure does seem early for that claim.


@ItsJenNotGabby totally understandable and best GF evahr!

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@Pixley idk, but he followed me and I dont recall ever interacting with him before now so

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Im tired but Im really enjoying watching sports from the sidelines again, even with a "triple header" day

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Roses are red, F-Droid is blue,
Error parsing package
Restart to continue
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Okay. Respect. 👏
“I am far more outraged by the U.S. Congress, which continues to deny the mostly Black and brown people of the District of Columbia statehood, and the representation every American deserves, than by anything Amy Cooper did. That gross racial injustice could be fixed by Congress now, today, and that is what people should be focused on, not last year’s events in Central Park.” -Christian Cooper, falsely accused by Amy Cooper

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Not real sure how I feel about this. 🤔
The case against Amy Cooper — a white woman who falsely told the police that Christian Cooper, a Black bird-watcher, had threatened her in Central Park — was dropped after she finished racial bias classes. nyti.ms/3s4cYhL

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